NTC and KBP Joined Forces in Closing Down Illegal Broadcasting Stations

CDO Info - Microphone-Radio-NTC-KBP-Maxpixel

The KBP or Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas and the National Telecommunications Communication (NTC) are helping each other in fighting the expected surge of illegal broadcast stations across the country in view of the coming midterm elections.

“This is year 2018 and there’s usually a proliferation of illegal broadcast stations leading to election day in May next year,” said Erwin V. Galang, head of the technical committee and trustee of the KBP.

Majority of the administrative cases the NTC handles under its mandate are ceased and desist and show cause orders against illegal broadcast stations, and according to Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios, the NTC’s previous cooperation and coordination with the KBP has led to the crackdown of fly-by-night broadcast stations, mostly in the provinces, who had victimized unsuspecting candidates to buy airtime for their political advertisements. These illegal broadcasters usually disappear after they received payment for the political ads.

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“Historically, we can see a steep increase in the number of cases in broadcast services in relation to unlicensed broadcasts leading to the election campaign period. What we do is we immediately issue cease-and-desist and show-cause orders against these illegal operators, forcing them to shut down their stations, while others simply disappear,” Cabarios said.

In the 2017 report by the Commission on Audit (COA, majority of the cases were administrative complaints initiated by NTC for violations of erring radio stations with almost 2,054 cases in the broadcast services division.

According to Auditor Ma. Jocelyn Factora, COA’s 2017 resident auditor in the NTC, majority of the pending administrative cases represented cases filed by NTC against illegal broadcast stations, and not cases from telco consumers. “The pending telco-related cases from consumers are very minimal.”

As of 31 December 2017, there are only 148 telco consumer cases pending before the NTC’s Legal Office which are now subject of review and resolution.

Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1021811/ntc-kbp-partnership-rogue-stations-2019-elections

Lower Interconnection rates for Telcos delivered as promised in SONA

CDO Info - Lower Interconnection Rates Telcos NCT DICT SONA

As promised, the cost for calls between networks have been significantly decreased for calls and SMS as promised by President Rodrigo Duterte to make goods and services affordable and accessible to consumers, particularly the marginalized. 

As per the instructions, The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) then issued Department Order No. 002 directing the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to study and formulate the guidelines that will bring down the cost of interconnection.CDO Info - Lower Interconnection Rates Telcos NCT DICT SONA
In the draft Memorandum Circular (MC) drafted by the NTC following a study, interconnection charges were reduced to P 0.50 per minute from P 2.50 per minute for voice service and P 0.05 per text from P 0.15 per text for SMS. 

A public hearing was conducted to enable telecommunication companies to comment and submit their position papers pertaining to the MC.

On July 19, 2018, the final MC was issued by the NTC.

The reduced interconnection rates are expected to benefit consumers across socio-economic classes, making voice call and SMS services between networks more affordable. This will also allow telcos to attract more subscribers and offer a wide variety of unlimited plans and services.

Significantly, the MC will benefit landline subscribers and users of basic 2G mobile phones nationwide, majority of whom belong to the marginalized sectors of society. 


“Libreng Text at Tawag” Assistance to Marawi City Evacuees

CDO Info - NTC - Marawi

CDO Info - NTC - Marawi

Press Release (01 November 2017)
NTC, telcos and amateur and civic radio groups offer “Libreng Text at Tawag” assistance to Marawi City evacuees

In line with President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration last 17 October 2017 that Marawi City has been liberated from terrorist influence and DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana’s announcement last 23 October 2017 that combat operation in the City had been terminated, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued Office Order 179-10-2017 last 30 October 2017 instructing its Regional Office in Cagayan de Oro City, headed by its director, Engr. Teodoro Buenavista, Jr., to offer “Libreng Text at Tawag” services in evacuation centers for a period of seven (7) calendar days starting 31 October 2017.

At present, the “Libreng Text at Tawag” services are located in five (5) evacuation centers in Iligan City:
Kanaway Evacuation Center, Tibanga
Sta. Elena Gymnasium, Sta. Elena
Buru-an School of Fisheries, Buru-an
Buru-an Gymnasium, Buru-an
Maria Cristina Gym, Maria Cristina

In Cagayan de Oro City, the “Libreng Text at Tawag” service is offered in the Indahag Evacuation Center.

CDO Info - Libre Text at Tawag to Marawi (1)

CDO Info - Libre Text at Tawag to Marawi (2)

With the service, displaced families can now inform their relatives, both here and abroad, of any further assistance needed. The evacuees can also inform their loved ones of their safety and plans regarding their eventual return to Marawi City. Reports say that more than 300,000 people were displaced by the conflict.

The “Libreng Text at Tawag” service includes free NDD and overseas calls and will be expanded to include other evacuation centers in the coming the days. The NTC’s effort was implemented in cooperation with Globe, Smart and various amateur and civic radio groups, namely, Race9, ACTS Radio Club and KABALIKAT.

CDO Info - Libre Text at Tawag to Marawi (4)

CDO Info - Libre Text at Tawag to Marawi (5)

New Plant and Showroom of Uratex in CDO

Uratex Foam - CDO Info

RGC Group of Companies – a local firm who is behind the top foam brand Uratex, is confirming for its commitment to expand in Visayas and Mindanao region. The opening of the new manufacturing plant and showroom in Cagayan de Oro City attested its commitment.

Uratex Foam - CDO Info

Uratex is the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products. The company is also one of South East Asia’s leading foam brands. Since 2009, they (company) are consistently the recipient of the Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Brand” Platinum Award.

The company is known for its commitment in producing quality and excellent products, sound financial management, and inspiring people skills. Uratex ensures the people that its foams are produced a world-class quality.  This will benefit the Kagayanons and of course, the Vis-Min area. Uratex are not only providing us with the best quality foam products there is, but also an affordable one.

The Cagayan de Oro plant opening and showroom is part of the company’s plan to open production centers in productive cities in the region. Among those key cities that are eyed for future development are Ilo-Ilo, Tacloban, Iligan, Butuan and General Santos City.

Mr. Eddie Gallor, Executive Vice President RGC Group of Companies

As Mr. Eddie Gallor, the Executive Vice President RGC Group of Companies said, “Establishing a manufacturing plant and showroom in CDO is part of our commitment to expand our business in Visayas and Mindanao, and support the continued development of the region.”

Uratex Foam and Mattresses

RGC Group’s foam business started in 1968 when Robert Cheng dreams of producing high-quality foam. And Polyfoam Chemical Corporation was born. Which later on expanded into businesses that addressed the growing needs of automotive, bedding, footwear, furniture, garment, textile and food industries.

Uratex Monoblocks

The Uratex Automotive Division in the Philippines is named as one of the foremost providers of quality automotive seat assembly.

The RGC Textile Manufacturing Corporation is also known in the industry for the versatile capabilities and diverse product range.

Another good thing is that Uratex is partnering with businessmen as they expand operations along the rapid development of the province. The RGC Group hopes to provide local businesses, as the company continues with their expansion and to provide more Filipinos with good, healthy and restful sleep.

Kudos URATEX and RGC Group of Companies!


For more info about Uratex and their foam and other products, visit www.uratex.com.ph. Check out their Facebook Fan Page too at Uratex Philippines.

CDO Career Expo 2014

CDO Career Expo 2014

Are you currently looking for a job?


The CDO-ICT Council with different BPO Companies will hold a Career Expo right here in our very own Cagayan de Oro City.

It is dubbed as the “1st ICT-BPM Job Expo” at the Activity Center of Centrio Ayala Mall, CDO on April 25-26 (Friday and Saturday).

Present on the Expo are the booths and exhibits from BPO industry players from local and National areas, who will be out there also to  find talents, skilled workers and resource assets.

CDO Career Expo 2014

Here are some of the Top Companies that might here you:CDO Career Expo 2014

Gear up your resumé, dress properly and off you go to the CDO Career Expo 2014! God bless!


Cagayan de Oro’s Mall Hours for Holy Week 2014

CDO Info - Mall Hours - Holy Week 2014

Every March or April of the year, the Holy Week takes place. Those who work from far-flung places, went home to their hometown. Families’ grab this opportunity to go to another place and have their relaxation from bustling world of stress. While some people just go to the malls and chill.

So, it is important to know the schedule of the mall this Holy Week. Check it out below.

LKKS Mall Hours – Holy Week 2014

LKKS Mall Hours - Holy Week 2014

Centrio Ayala Mall Hours – Holy Week 2014

Centrio Ayala Mall Hours - Holy Week 2014

SM City Cagayan de Oro Mall Hours – Holy Week 2014

 SM City CDO Mall Hours - Holy Week 2014

Gaisano Mall – Holy Week 2014

Gaisano Mall - Holy Week 2014

There you are Kagayanons! Please take note of that so that you can buy those things you need just before Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Have a blessed Holy Week 2014!

Building a Home at The Loop CDO

The Loop CDO


What do you Look for in Building a Home?

This question is just one of those basis or information needed before acquiring a home for you and your loved ones. Some opt to have a garden for relaxing with family having coffee or snacks. If you are a businessman, you opt to have a bigger place on the first floor to hold activities and a garage for business or family car. When you are from other place and regularly visit Cagayan de Oro for your business or other concerns, you might find your home at The Loop that suits for your needs.

The Loop, strategically located within the bustling Lim Ket Kai Complex, will soon tower over the central business district of Cagayan de Oro. The new high-rise condominium is set to become an icon and one of the most valuable real estate developments in the city. (http://www.cagayandeoro.info/press-release-the-loop-by-vista-residences-to-rise-in-cdo/)

The Loop shares that they provide business people everything they look for in a home, from a central location to convenience, security and prestige.


It is probably the sought-after location in CDO. They are within the city’s business and commercial district. Businessman would love to stay in this area to keep an eye for business opportunities and be in tune with the going on in the trade and commerce. They would like to be the first to find and grab business opportunities in the city. Plus, it will be easy to travel to and fro from home and business area. Public utility vehicles are also accessible whenever you need one.


The Loop is set within the places that you can have everything you needed such as food, toiletries and other things. Places like malls, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals and many more are within the vicinity.


This is not a question. They have round-the-clock security that gives people their peace of mind, even if they are at home or not. With its security system, The Loop’s resident system are safe within its community. Security and concierge staff are trained to safeguard the residents’ well-being and privacy.


The Loop places the businesspeople in a prestigious address which is becoming a dream come true to them.



With everything set in place for a safe, convenient, and comfortable living at The Loop, young couples and families can fully enjoy their modern, stylish, and hassle-free lifestyle. To learn more about fuss-free condo living, visit The Loop Business Hub at Rosario Crescent St., Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro, or call 0917-8102445.

Press Release: The Loop CDO for new Families

Last year, Vista Land launched its first high-rise condominium property outside of Metro Manila and welcome wholeheartedly by our city and the Kagayanons. Now the people of Cagayan de Oro and its neighboring cities get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of The Loop at Limketkai Center.


Here is the Press Release of The Loop:

Most young couples and start-up families have a specific checklist in mind when looking for a new home. The rule is to find one where they can live in comfort, convenience, and safety, especially when they have kids.

While most residential options in Cagayan de Oro fall short of these criteria, The Loop easily surpasses it all. A two-tower, 25-storey landmark condominium development of Vista Residences, The Loop offers modern high-rise homes that fit the lifestyle of newlyweds and start-up families.

Comfortable living. It offers comfortable living with its space-savvy condo units, from studio to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. All are thoughtfully and carefully planned and designed with the dweller’s comfort in mind.

Newlyweds and young couples will thrive in a studio or one-bedroom unit–versatile living options that can be cleaned fast and easy. It allows couples to move around fast and with ease, giving them more time to enjoy other pursuits together.

Young families with kids will find it comfortable living in a two- or three-bedroom condo unit. With the children’s room adjacent to the master bedroom, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are close, safe, and happy.

Monitoring the kids will also be a breeze even as parents prepare the family meal at the kitchen area, as they can easily see the little ones watching TV, or playing with toys or with each other at the living area.

The comfortable lifestyle goes beyond the condo units and to the whole condo property as well. From the spacious lobby with its wide, comfortable seats, 24-hour concierge, and posh but homey ambiance, residents will instantly feel at home upon stepping into The Loop.

The clubhouse called The Canopy is located at the ground level to make it easily accessible to residents who may want to relax at the lounge, or get some invigorating laps at the swimming pool while the young ones have their own fun at the kiddie pool or play area.

Taking the resident’s comfort a notch higher, The Loop offers an in-house fitness gym so residents don’t need to leave home to do their exercise regimen. There’s also a multi-purpose hall to hang around or meet friends and neighbors for an intimate social gathering.

For those who want some quiet and fantastic views of CDO, The Loop has the Sky Gardens at the penthouse level. With live plants providing a refreshing green surrounding, the Sky Garden also gives a panoramic view of the city, distant mountains, and CDO’s famous Macajalar Bay.

Convenience at its best. To rise along Rosario Crescent at the Limketkai Center, The Loop is strategically located within the central business and entertainment district of CDO, making it proximate to desired destinations and locations.

Going to work is fast and convenient, with public transport available right outside the condo property. Residents can also drive the short distance from The Loop’s central location to the workplace, or simply walk to modern office buildings within Limketkai Center.

With schools and universities only a few minutes away, dropping off and picking up the kids from school will not be a problem. And if breakfast out is part of the morning itinerary, food chains and coffee shops are easily accessible within Limketkai.

Going home is quick and sweet with the short ride or drive back home. A need to buy food or grocery items before heading home is quickly solved by a stop at any of the supermarkets, grocery, and convenience stores near The Loop.

If the kids are a little frisky for some drink or snack after being picked up from school, a visit to any of the fastfood chains and snack bars nearby will make them happy.

The busy parent who needs to attend company events or business meetings outside the office can easily come home to The Loop for some quality time with the family, have a change of clothes, and drive over to the event within the central business district.

Convenience is the rule at The Loop not only during work and school week, but also during weekends. Newlyweds or young families don’t need to go far for some weekend leisure as they can either walk, ride or drive the short distance to hundreds of dining, shopping, and recreation options in Limketkai.

Whether it’s shopping, watching movies, dining out, or hanging out at their favorite coffee shop, residents will find everything within easy reach and access, including bringing kids to the clinic for their regular checkup, or to the arcade for some fun and games.

Safety for peace of mind. Everyone wants to be assured their loved ones are safe and sound inside their home even when they are not around. With The Loop’s security system, its residents are safe within the condo community.

There is round-the-clock security and the concierge staff are trained to safeguard the well-being and privacy of the residents as well as the exclusivity of The Loop. Those planning a long trip or vacation can also lock and go, as they get the peace of mind knowing their condo home is in a secure environment.

With everything set in place for a safe, convenient, and comfortable living at The Loop, young couples and families can fully enjoy their modern, stylish, and hassle-free lifestyle. To learn more about fuss-free condo living, visit The Loop Business Hub at Rosario Crescent St., Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro, or call 0917-8102445. You can also like The Loop CDO’s official Facebook page.


The Loop CDO – A Safe Home for Transient Students

The Loop CDO


It is no question that the best colleges and universities are right here in our very own city, Cagayan de Oro. That is why many parents from other provinces like Bukidnon or Misamis Oriental and let their children come here to study. It is not easy to see their children living on their own in this big city but it is worth the sacrifice. Well, it is not easy for the transient students to be away from the comforts of their own home too. They need a home away from home for them to study and live comfortably as well.

After doing all the school work, some students want to go home and rest for the next day. But how can they do that? How can they get a place that is convenient, quality and secured from all those not-so-good things in the real world?

Here is one solution to your problem. A Press Release from The Loop CDO:

The Loop CDO logoThe Loop has seen this need, and has provided an ideal residence to transient students where one can study hard and live well at the same time. A two-tower, 25-storey condo development in CDO, The Loop, located conveniently at the Limketkai Center, offers deluxe facilities and amenities that make the lifestyle of its residents fun, convenient, and equally satisfying.

After a grueling day at school, students living at The Loop can wind down and relax at the cozy lobby suitably designed with comfy couches and endowed with a charming ambiance. They can later amble over to The Canopy or work all their stress out at the fitness gym, take refreshing laps at the swimming pool, or simply hang out or ‘group study’ with a bunch of friends at the multi-purpose hall.

If they want some quiet place to relax or study all the more, one elevator ride up to the Sky Garden might be a suitable option. Located at the penthouse level, it offers a panoramic view of CDO’s cityscape, verdant mountains and hills, and the majestic Macajalar Bay.

The Loop’s location along Rosario Crescent within the Limketkai Center makes it centrally located to many of CDO’s educational institutions. Schools such as Xavier University, Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Liceo de Cagayan University, among others, are within a few minutes away by private vehicle or public transport that is available right off the condo premises.

Students won’t fret about long travel to and from school, or worry about the availability of public transport such as jeepneys or taxis.  As CDO’s central business district, Limketkai Center always has public transport within its vicinity.

The Loop’s strategic location gives students everything they need within easy reach. Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and supermarkets are found conveniently located around Limketkai, just a few strides away to grab a bite, enjoy a cup of coffee,  or buy food and other necessities.

On weekends, there are movie houses and arcades for some fun and light moments to enjoy either alone or with friends. Hundreds of reasons to shop is brought by a hundred options of retail shops, boutiques, and shoe and clothing stores complementing the mall department stores at Limketkai.

The Loop gives all these comfort and conveniences not only to transient students but also to their family members when they visit. Parents who have to travel to Cagayan de Oro regularly to check up on their children will also enjoy the same privileges of living at The Loop.

To invest or rent in The Loop is one option every parent should consider, because it is the by far the best living option they can offer to their young independents. Parents are assured peace of mind knowing their children come home to a secure and quality residential location in CDO.

The Loop - Be Hip

The Loop is CDO’s landmark condo development of Vista Residences, the vertical marketing arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the largest homebuilder in the country.


Visit us at The Loop Business Hub along Rosario Crescent in Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro, or call 0917-8102445.

Vista Residences logo

Newly Opened Refractive Laser and Surgicenter of Mindanao


The Refractive Laser and Surgicenter of Mindanao or RLSM, recently opened at the Mindanao Eye MD, Inc. (MEMDI) Building at Madonna and Child Hospital in the city of Cagayan de Oro. This is also the first Surgicenter in Mindanao.

Here is a little bit info on MEMDI:

MEMDI is composed of a group of ophthalmologists and other medical practitioners in Northern Mindanao. Founded in Feb. 5, 2012, it owns and operates the RLSM, the first and only facility in Mindanao which offers state-of-the-art laser vision correction with its Pulzar Z1 Solid State Refractive Laser.

The  high performance and cost-effective technology, Solid state refractive laser, is installed in the Surgicenter. This allows a customized treatment for vision disorders.

“We are happy to be afforded the opportunity to make this world-class facility available to the people of Cagayan de Oro City and the Mindanao region,” Dr. Rustan Hautea, MEMDI President.

The candidates for refractive laser surgery:

  • Visually impaired persons 18 years old and above
  • Had a stable refractive status for the past two years with no systemic (e.g. diabetes) or eye conditions (e.g., keratoconus)

Conditions that can be addressed with refractive laser surgery:

  • Post-cataract extraction refractive errors
  • Primary refractive errors/ametropias (eye defects like as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, resulting from faulty refractive ability of the eye)
  • Presbyopia (the age-related condition where the eye  exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects)

Additional information on refractive laser surgery:

  • Painless
  • Uncomplicated out-patient procedure
  • Affordable
  • Good and consistent outcomes.

Also offers:

  • Outpatient consultations
  • Surgical procedures for cataract, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus (including newborn ocular screening)
  • Other minor ophthalmic procedures

Contact numbers:

  • (88) 880-0283
  • (8822) 745-252
  • (0917) 726-7098


Refractive Laser and Surgicenter Mindanao
MEMDI Bldg., Madonna and Child Hospital Compound,
Jesus Seriña St., Cagayan de Oro City