Liempo King Invades Cagayan de Oro City


“Liempo King is Cagayan De Oro’s original Lechon Liempo, offering a delightfully tasty twist to the traditional pork belly. Using only the freshest ingredients grown locally, every liempo is seasoned and marinated with special herbs and spices which are delicately tucked inside the meat allowing the rich flavors and aroma to completely absorb. The meat is roasted to perfection — its skin is savory and crisp on the outside, and juicy and bursting with flavor on the inside.”

Jickie Uraya, a food lover/entrepreneur/cooking partisan was thinking of how to find a practical way to enjoying Lechon. In his quest of finding a way to enjoy lechon belly without buying a whole pig, he started experimenting on making Lechon Liempo and developed his own recipe.

Uraya adds, “the Lechon Liempo is an alternative to the real Liempo and a twist your traditional pork belly”.

Finally, after two years and hundreds of liempo’s after, Liempo King was born. They opened its first branch last December 2011 in JP Rizal Street, Cagayan De Oro City. Now, they have a total of three branches. The kiosk branches are at 6thTomas Saco Street and Upper Carmen (Across Xavier Subdivision), Cagayan De Oro City. Today, Liempo King is proud to offer Cagayanon’s Lechon Liempo which they can call their own.

What if I am dining solo and I can’t devour the whole liempo?

Liempo King also offers value meals for the convenience of patrons dining solo. And of course, they also have Lechon Manok and value meals for the convenience of patrons dining solo.

There is a promotional price of only PHP 135/whole order of liempo makes it conveniently budget-friendly for all to enjoy.



Liempo King is open daily from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm.