Reminiscing Christmas Time in CDO

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Way back during my childhood days whenever Christmas is near, the Gaston park located near the Saint Augustine Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace in Cagayan de Oro is full of Christmas trees, lights and Belen or as what they called The Nativity or Manger.  

Every year, they hold Christmas themed contests for companies or business establishments.  In each contestant, they would use indigenous materials such as coconut shells on their entry for the competition.  After hearing the mass, we would stay for hours and see the entries of all contestants.  I missed those times when my mother and I stayed at the park and see the colorful lights and nicest belens.  

It has been years now that they did not have any contests.  Now that I have daughters, I would like to share with them my beautiful experiences when Christmas is around just like me and my mother.  I wished they will bring back those times because I wanted my daughters to feel the Christmas spirit whenever we go the park and it also feels good to see the park with so many colorful decorations all over the place.

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